I'm Kaitlyn

I'm a copywriter with 10 years of sales, strategic planning, and project management under my belt.


Technology. Non-profits. Education. Event-planning. Disaster restoration.  I've sold, strategized, and managed projects in them all. 

At the end of the day, I help service-based business grow their sales and share their solution with the world. 

So what does that mean for you? 

I know how to learn your audience inside and out - and how to sell your service with authenticity that resonates.


I connect your big picture vision with the small steps needed to make it happen.

Together, we will drive real revenue and make real impact with a carefully customized copywriting strategy. 

Working with Laptop

My approach to growing your business

I'm a firm believer that copywriting doesn't start with writing. Just like selling doesn't start with a presentation. And a project doesn't start by jumping right to "doing."  It starts with listening. That is where I start all of my partnerships and projects. 

I ask questions about your audience, their obstacles, their hopes and dreams. I ask questions about your goals, your values, and your vision for your business. 

From there, I help you build a strategic plan for how we can share your solution with the world. How we can serve the people who crave your service. How we can grow your income and impact.


Whether a full marketing campaign or a single landing page, I'll craft the words to carry your message and mission to your audience.


Let's grow your revenue and your reach - this world needs what you bring to it. 


Formal training

With a Master of Project Management degree and a B.A. in Communication Arts & Sciences, I have spent more than a decade learning how we, as humans, communicate and interact with one another. 


I have studied how to strategically craft messages (and projects!) that lead to a desired outcome - a solution that serves the world.

Personal Misison

I have always been drawn to service-based businesses. I truly believe we make this world a better place by sharing our talents and gifts with our communities. I seek to do that in all the work I do.

At the end of the day, I am driven by a mission to help good businesses do good things for good people.

Outside of work

Based outside of Philadelphia, PA, I am a lover of travel, cooking, and craft beer. 

My husband and I are kept busy by our crazy dog and even crazier toddler - and we love every moment (ok...most of them).

Cheers to a wacky and wonderful life...learning, serving, and leaving an impact!